Unleash Your Creativity: Mastering the Art of Super Cool Motion Graphics with GIMP - Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Tips to Make Super Cool Motion Graphics with GIMP

Have you ever thought something could be as easy and fun as eating is for a foodie? If you have been bitten by the creative bug and are a visual storyteller, then you would be glad to know that it’s insanely easy to create motion graphics on GIMP.


It is so simple that even your cat can do it for you. The secret life of pets, anyone?


Yes. You read it right. Make your character, or any other image for that matter, move, dance, rotate, spin, or twirl with GIMP. We have compiled some seriously awesome tips for those who want to enter the animation industry.

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Animations – Easy to Start, Difficult to Master

GIMP is free-to-use software that can be downloaded from their website. Thanks to ever-evolving AI, it facilitates professionals, non-designers, and beginners in creating animations. Follow these tips to create eye-popping motion graphics in a few clicks next time.


  1. Choose a super-easy software


If logic teaches us something, it is this – choose a simple software for yourself. Going for complicated software will make your learning journey tough. This is where software like GIMP comes in.

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  1. State your goal in one sentence


Once you have started with GIMP, the most accessible animation software, you are ready for the next step. Clearly state what you need an animation for. Do you want to make an advertisement? A video resume, perhaps? Once decided, write it down.


  1. Build Exciting Characters


What do you think when someone mentions animation? Disney movies or Japanese anime? You will get there, but not right now. Animation is about giving life. It could be a drawing, a Lego figure, a paper cutout, or even numbers or alphabets.


So, decide what you want to start with.

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  1. Incorporate attention-grabbing background


You have put a lot of work into your main character. Congratulations. However, the world where they exist also needs your attention. Create a visually engaging background that pull the viewers in and leaves a lasting impact.


  1. Keep it fun-sized


People like to scroll. They rarely read something lengthy or watch something too long. According to a survey, internet surfers only watch videos 90 seconds or less long. Use it to your advantage. 

Learn the art of saying a lot with less.

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  1. Choose the correct tone


Do you want goofy characters floating on bubbles with a pink-colored sky? Or do you want stiff-faced office workers walking toward their office, showcasing the grim side of city life? Software like GIMP allows you to experiment with different styles and find the right tone for your animation.


  1. Some extra subtitles, please!


One thing that even expert animators tend to bypass is subtitles. Most people on the internet surf with the volume off. They are likely to scroll over the animation that they can’t understand. Plus, the language barrier could also be an issue. So, please add subtitles to your videos.

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  1. Add voice-overs or music


What is one thing that is as impactful as the character and the background? Music or voice-overs can help the viewer connect on a visceral level. It imitates real life and induces coming out of-screen experience. So, focus on that as well.


Guess what? You can also add famous dialogues from classic movies that ring a bell or two. If nothing else helps in making the 2D or 3D animation impact, this surely will. So, make sure you give it a try. 


So our customized list of tips has ended here. It’s really fun to learn new things, isn’t it? So pat yourself on the back for coming closer to making your very own first animation. 


Motion graphics have evolved and taken new shapes and forms every single day. We can expect it to enter every aspect of our life any time now. Software like GIMP has empowered everyone to become small-scale animators. Take hold of this tool and create your animation… do it before your cat beats you.

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