Project Overview

McDonald’s is a global food service retailer whose Happy Meals have remained a massive hit since the beginning of time. Cloud Animations was approached by McDonald’s to create a cel-animated video for their latest collaboration with Angry Birds. Cel animation technology was suggested to appeal to children, boost interest, and drive sales.

These short films are meant to leave a lasting impression on your viewers, with an engaging story running in the background. Cloud Animations brings stories to life while complying with the latest market trends that deliver competitive advantages. Our expertise in the field results in original and engaging animation themes that capture the audience's attention and imagination. Safe to say, you can expect top-quality cel animation at an excellent value.

The animators worked meticulously on the animated video and produced a masterpiece that continues to tingle the taste buds worldwide.

The Challenge

McDonald's sought out Cloud Animations to launch a distinctive promotional video campaign using the cel animation technology. The fast-food giant partnered with Angry Birds to offer product-oriented giveaways that were boxed inside the Happy Meal. The client wanted an animated video to capture children's attention and generate excitement for the product and the brand. They desired something unique and captivating to engage the younger audience.

The Solution

Cloud Animations revolutionized the brand's advertising strategy by combining technology and creativity to convey the message effectively.

We employed our best scriptwriters, storyboard artists, creative directors, and colorists to take over the project. Working together, this highly skilled team of experts was able to put together a compelling story that gave a gist of both brands, i.e., McDonald’s and Angry Birds. The use of animation prompted the audiences (especially those aged 3 to 9 years) to head to or order from McDonald’s to get their hands dirty with the packaged soft toys.


Cloud Animations has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. We collaborate closely with our clients to grasp the essence of their brand and create content that yields favorable outcomes.

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Attention-Grabbing Content

The team at Cloud Animations successfully increases interest in a product or service by creating memorable advertisements that prompt users to take action.

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Content that Helps Sell Better

Your business needs to differentiate itself from competing brands to drive sales in today's competitive market. Our cel animation videos reflect branding strategies fully.

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Impactful Storytelling

Cel animation is an effective method of storytelling that resonates well with the younger audience. Hence, this video was able to reap significant profits.

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The cel animated video offered excellent value for the client’s investment as they are more cost-efficient than 2D or 3D animations.

Our custom logo animation services are accessible to all. Contact today and get the ball rolling!

We Love Getting Feedback
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    Bob Gulart

    “Cloud Animations offered the greatest solutions for my project, and their quality was top-notch. I'm delighted by their originality and attention to detail, and I strongly suggest this team.”

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    Douglas Noble

    “Look at Mr. Douglas sharing his experience with the team in the video below to see how Cloud Animations has once again fulfilled our promises.”

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    “I made a quick and interesting video with the assistance of Cloud Animations which successfully promoted my small business online. I’m overjoyed with the outcome.”

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    Kathleen Torres

    “Cloud Animations is an agency that creates engaging video content at good rates. What I like the most is that they deliver more than they promise.”

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    “Cloud Animations did wonderful work for our digital marketing campaign. They created an animated video with magnificent visuals that were delivered on time. I appreciate their work ethics and professionalism.”

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    Exceptional customer service provided by Damon! Cloud Animations has skilled team mates in a variety of animation and 3D video services. I highly recommend Cloud Animations for anyone looking for high-quality animation.

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    Mark Shandrow

    “I wanted to give Nathan at Cloud Animations a big shout-out for putting together two explainer videos. Working with him was easy, and we quickly got through the project.”

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