Project Overview

In advertising, the motive isn’t just telling any story; instead, you’re expected to tell the right story. However, in reality, no one story works for everyone, so your best shot is to ensure you connect with your intended audience at all times.

Our client, Peek Freans RIO, wanted to create a fun and engaging commercial to attract new customers and help retain their current customer base. Keeping this in mind, Cloud Animations created a 3D animated TVC for Peek Freans RIO that was colorful, chirpy, and captivating. We started working on the project by identifying themes that would resonate best with children, the primary audience for the advertisement. Later, we developed storylines inclusive of jovial and vibrant characters that captured the brand's spirit in the truest sense. We created unique characters that embodied the qualities of being ecstatic and joyous, keeping the youth in mind.

The animated TVC helped the brand establish itself as a leader in the cream biscuit segment of the food and beverages industry, garnering more customers daily.

The Challenge

The client, Peek Freans RIO, wanted to create an animated video to capture children's attention and boost enthusiasm for the product. The idea here was to place the brand mascots into a vibrant world while they would enact a short story within a mere 40 seconds. In addition, they sought to establish their brand as a highly memorable and beloved choice among children, to maintain their interest for an extended period.

The Solution

At Cloud Animations, we believe that the future of animation lies not in 2D or 3D but rather in the ability to weave an interesting story together with real-time interactivity. Therefore, we worked closely with the team to create characters, storyboard sketches, and finalize minute details before we created the illusion of movements in the former static images.


The animation team at Cloud Animations has been collaborating closely with RIO to ensure they reap maximum benefits from this partnership.

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A Catchy Advertisement

We generate more interest for products and services with our TVC; after all, it’s far easier to become a fan favorite once you’ve shown them something to remember.

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Efficiency and Effectiveness

Introducing a new dimension to brand advertisement by incorporating a perfectly sized portion of technology and creativity to deliver the message.

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Increased Exposure

We ensure that each brand receives maximum exposure; hence, we allow our animated videos to be posted on multiple platforms.

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Boost in Conversions

With our ability to produce appealing 3D TVCs, we leave a lasting impression that influences the viewership’s choices in everyday life, which ultimately results in increased conversions.

Our custom logo animation services are accessible to all. Contact today and get the ball rolling!

We Love Getting Feedback
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    Bob Gulart

    “Cloud Animations offered the greatest solutions for my project, and their quality was top-notch. I'm delighted by their originality and attention to detail, and I strongly suggest this team.”

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    Douglas Noble

    “Look at Mr. Douglas sharing his experience with the team in the video below to see how Cloud Animations has once again fulfilled our promises.”

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    “I made a quick and interesting video with the assistance of Cloud Animations which successfully promoted my small business online. I’m overjoyed with the outcome.”

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    Kathleen Torres

    “Cloud Animations is an agency that creates engaging video content at good rates. What I like the most is that they deliver more than they promise.”

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    “Cloud Animations did wonderful work for our digital marketing campaign. They created an animated video with magnificent visuals that were delivered on time. I appreciate their work ethics and professionalism.”

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    Exceptional customer service provided by Damon! Cloud Animations has skilled team mates in a variety of animation and 3D video services. I highly recommend Cloud Animations for anyone looking for high-quality animation.

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    Mark Shandrow

    “I wanted to give Nathan at Cloud Animations a big shout-out for putting together two explainer videos. Working with him was easy, and we quickly got through the project.”

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