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The Fundamentals of 3D Animation and Design, a Primer
3D Animations
Mark Wilson

Introduction to 3D Animation

An Introduction to 3D Animation: Exploring the Basics 3D animation is a complex and thrilling

Time is Money: How Experts Edit Videos in Record Time Without Losing Quality
Video Editing
Mark Wilson

What is Video Editing?

A Professional’s Guide to Editing Videos Quickly and Efficiently Editing videos can be time-consuming, especially

Moving Beyond Blueprints: The Digitalization of Architectural Visualization
Architectural Visualization
Rachel Lawrence

What is Architectural Visualization?

Architecture Visualizing: How Technology is Changing the Game Architectural visualization has traditionally played a vital

How Infographics Can Captivate and Inform Your Audience: Converting Data Into Art
Rachel Lawrence

What are Infographics?

How Can You Use Infographics to Engage Your Audience? Have you ever seen a visual

Unleash Your Inner Animator: Tips for 3D Animation Masters
3D Animations
Mark Wilson

What is 3D Animations?

Become a 3D Animation Pro: Strategies and Resources An increasing number of industries, such as

Motion Graphics: Creating Dynamic Visuals
Motion Graphics
Mark Wilson

What Are Motion Graphics?

Revolutionizing Video Content with Motion Graphics The way we consume video content is changing. And

From Traditional to Modern: The Evolution of Animation Techniques and the Rise of CGI

What is CGI Animation?

The Evolution of Animation: Exploring the World of CGI 3D CGI animation has come a

2D Animation
2D Animation
Mark Wilson

How Much Does 2D Animation Cost?

The Simple Math Behind Creating 2D Animation Despite the growing popularity of 3D animation, 2D

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