2D Animation Outsourcing Companies You Should Consider in 2023 – The Animation World Has Progressed Rapidly

The practice of outsourcing animation dates back to the 1960s when American filmmakers first began seeking the expertise of overseas 2D animation production companies to bring their creative visions to life. Over the years, this practice has witnessed remarkable growth and evolution, driven mainly by advancements in animation technology.

As the digital landscape evolves, 2D animation outsourcing companies have emerged as the driving force behind captivating visual storytelling. In this era of boundless creativity, we embark on a captivating exploration of how these innovative 2D animation outsourcing companies are reshaping the way we engage, inspire, and connect through the magic of animation.

These digital 2D animation companies have not only embraced the art of animation but have also mastered the art of marketing, service delivery, and branding. Their online presence is often showcased through professionally designed websites, which is a testament to their commitment to visual appeal and streamlining the 2D animation production outsourcing process.

Given the multitude of animation outsourcing businesses available today, it’s easy to find oneself confused when trying to select the ideal partner for one’s animation projects. Every company vies for the title of offering the finest animation services, making it challenging to differentiate among them, whether they are large 2D animation companies in the USA industry or small 2D animation companies.

To navigate this terrain and make an informed decision, we’ve curated a list of the top 2D animation outsourcing companies. These selective ten companies have been carefully chosen for their exceptional track records, creative prowess, and commitment to delivering outstanding animations. Whether you are searching for 2D animation studios near me for a new project or seeking to elevate the quality of your animations, the insights provided in this post can serve as a valuable resource in helping you make the right choice. If you’re specifically searching for the best 2D animation companies in the US, these recommendations can guide your decision-making process effectively.

Are You Ready to Choose an Outsourcing Animation Production Company for Your 2D Animation Projects?

If you find yourself in the position of wanting to delegate your 2D animation requirements, you’re at the right place. Many 2D animation companies in America specialize in providing outsourced 2D animation services. The practice of outsourcing animation production comes with a host of compelling advantages, making it a strategic choice for many businesses. These benefits encompass cost savings, heightened operational efficiency, reduced investments in technology and infrastructure, a sharpened focus on core competencies, access to a pool of qualified resources, the leverage of time zone advantages, and the promise of faster and superior service delivery.

As you weigh the prospect of partnering with an outsourced animation company to meet your animation needs, we invite you to explore our comprehensive list of top options. This curated selection represents various outsourcing providers, including well-known 2D animation companies, each distinguished by their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional animation services.

Below is the list of 2D animation companies in the US that encompass a range of choices to cater to your unique needs. Let us help you make an informed decision for your animation endeavors, whether they involve 2D animation video companies or any other specialized animation service provider.

What is Outsourcing Animation?

Outsourcing animation refers to the practice of hiring an external 2D animation studio or individuals to create animated content on behalf of a company or organization. Instead of having an in-house animation team, companies contract with third-party animation studios or freelance animators to produce the desired animated materials. This can include various forms of animation, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion animation, and more.

Here are some key points to consider about outsourcing animation:

  • Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing animation can be cost-effective for businesses as they don’t have to invest in setting up and maintaining an in-house animation department. They can often find more affordable 2D animation services from 2D studios or artists in different regions or countries with lower labor costs.
  • Expertise and Specialization: Animation studios specializing in this field often have a dedicated team of skilled animators, designers, and technicians with experience creating high-quality animations. Outsourcing animation allows businesses to tap into this expertise without developing it in-house.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing animation provides flexibility in scaling animation projects up or down based on the company’s needs. Businesses can easily hire additional animators or reduce the workload when necessary without the complexities of hiring and firing employees.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing animation tasks, companies can concentrate on their core activities and strategic goals, leaving animation production to professional 2D animation services that excel in that specific domain.
  • Access to Global Talent: Outsourcing animation can give businesses access to a global pool of talented animators, allowing them to choose from various artistic styles and creative approaches.
  • Project Variety: 2D animation studios often have experience in various animation styles and techniques, allowing businesses to explore different creative options for their projects.
  • Meeting Deadlines: Animation outsourcing companies are often well-equipped to meet tight deadlines, which can be crucial for marketing campaigns, product launches, or entertainment projects.

However, animation outsourcing can have challenges, such as communication issues, time zone differences, quality control, and maintaining brand consistency. Effective project management and clear communication ensure that outsourced animations align with the client’s vision and requirements.

Overall, outsourcing animation can be a strategic choice for businesses looking to leverage the expertise and resources of external partners to create compelling and engaging animated content while managing costs and focusing on their core business activities.

Top 10 2D Animation Outsourcing Companies

Cloud Animations

Cloud Animations

A Maryland-Based Phenomenon Among 2D Animation Outsourcing Companies

In the vibrant world of 2D animation, where creativity and precision converge, Cloud Animations shines as a luminous star in Maryland’s animation landscape. This 2D animation company is a pioneer, captivating the industry with its exceptional prowess in crafting mesmerizing animations.

What sets Cloud Animations apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to excellence. They have mastered the art of transforming ideas into captivating visuals, making them a top choice as 2D animators for hire. With a team of seasoned artists, they infuse life into every frame, ensuring that each animation is a work of art.

Cloud Animations effortlessly earns its position among the top 10 2D studios for their talent and reliability. They understand the importance of deadlines and consistently deliver projects that exceed expectations. Whether for entertainment, marketing, or educational purposes, Cloud Animations is the leading choice for bringing your visions to life through the magic of 2D animation.

Explain Art Videos

Explain Art Videos​

Where Creativity Meets Animation Excellence!

Explain Art Videos is a visionary among the top 10 2D animation outsourcing companies. At Explain Art Videos, the art of storytelling intertwines seamlessly with the magic of animation, offering clients limitless possibilities in the form of their 2D animation services.

Explain Art Videos stands tall as a prominent 2D animation company as its talented animators, designers, and storytellers ensure that every moment is a canvas for expressing the client’s message.

But Explain Art Videos goes beyond being just a conventional animation service provider. As an Explainer Video Production Company, they take the extra mile, working hand in hand with clients from concept inception to delivery. This collaboration ensures not only effective message conveyance but also the delivery of results that consistently exceed expectations.

If you are looking for 2D animators for hire, Explain Art Videos is the right choice. The studio offers a trio of packages – Basic 2D Animation, Start-up 2D Animation, and Advance 2D Animation, each tailored to cater to diverse creative requirements. With innovation and excellence as their guiding stars, Explain Art Videos truly personifies exceptional 2D animation services in the heart of 2D studios.

Pixel Studios Inc.

Transforming Pixels into Animated Marvels

Pixel Studios Inc. emerges as a formidable force among the top 2D animation service providers. They understand that combining marketing and innovation is the key to expanding your consumer base in this digital age.

With a profound focus on the world of 2D animation, they excel in crafting visually captivating narratives that not only engage but also leave an indelible mark. Their expertise revolves around breathing life into your brand through compelling 2D animations, showcasing your unique selling points, and ensuring maximum audience engagement.

In an age where visuals and storytelling reign supreme, Pixel Studios Inc. excels in creating compelling 2D animations through its exceptional team of 2D animators for hire. Their dedication to innovation and excellence ensures your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

Choose Pixel Studios Inc. as your partner for 2D Animation Services to redefine marketing in this digital age, setting new standards for engagement and creativity in 2D video animation services.

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Delta Animations

Delta Animations

Animation Powerhouse for All the Good Reasons!

Counted as a true trailblazer among the industry’s top 2D animation studios. Delta Animation’s philosophy revolves around prosperity and progression, making it a beacon in the animation industry.

Their talented animators and designers have an uncanny ability to turn visions into animated realities. Specializing in 2D and 3D animations, Delta Animations is a 2D animation company that crafts masterpieces that leave audiences in awe. With their expertise, they have the power to conjure custom animations tailored to your unique requirements, whether it’s an engaging explainer video or a captivating product presentation.

Delta Animations doesn’t just deliver animations; they deliver experiences. Each project undertaken is a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation. They understand the intricacies of visual storytelling and employ their skills to weave narratives that captivate and engage. When you choose Delta Animations, you’re choosing a partner committed to bringing your ideas to life in the most spectacular way possible. Delta Animations is not just an animation company; it’s your trusted 2D animation agency for all your creative needs.

Liquid Animations Inc.

Liquid Animations Inc.

Your Gateway to Outstanding Branding and Animations!

Liquid Animation #Captivate Minds, #Drive up Sales, and #Win Hearts. The company stands out among the top 10 2D animation outsourcing companies and is one of the best 2D animation companies in the industry. With an in-house team of seasoned and artistic professionals, Liquid Animations is the go-to 2D animation video company for crafting irresistibly engaging video marketing campaigns that promise the best ROI for ambitious global brands.

Their offerings encompass three packages: Basic, Classic, and Premium, each designed to elevate your brand’s narrative. Explaining intricate concepts has never been more thrilling! As masters of custom 2D animated videos, Liquid Animations possess the alchemy to transform your branding journey from typography to slide design.

Let Liquid Animation be your catalyst for measurable success as an animation studio 2D and a trusted animation outsourcing company: experience innovation, professionalism, and unrivaled service.

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Drasik Studio

Crafting Dreams in Motion!

Join the ranks of discerning clients who favor Drasik Studio, a prominent Barcelona-based gem among the top 10 2D animation outsourcing companies. Hailing from the heart of Barcelona, these Drasik natives possess an exceptional knack for pushing the boundaries of animation techniques and delivering a plethora of multimedia marvels.

Design isn’t just a facet of their work; it’s the lifeblood of their creative process of outsourcing animation. With each new project, Drasik Studio seizes the opportunity to explore many artistic styles and intricate illustration techniques, ensuring innovation is at the forefront of their animations.

At Drasik Studio, they embrace a mantra that “quality is always more important than speed.” This commitment to excellence ensures that every animation outsourcing project they undertake is meticulously crafted, resulting in breathtaking animations. So, if your project timeline allows for some flexibility, consider collaborating with these experts at an esteemed animation outsourcing company to infuse your animated video with a stunning visual flair that captivates and leaves a lasting impression.

Mighty Nice

Making Animations Come to Life.

Dive into the creative synergy of Mighty Nice, an exceptional addition to the top 10 2D animation outsourcing companies, born from the collaboration between Nexus Productions in London and a Sydney-based animated video production firm.

Mighty Nice boasts a dynamic portfolio encompassing 2D and 3D outsourcing animation services. If you’ve already experienced the high-caliber work of the Nexus Productions team, you’ll discover the same distinctive artistry and superb visual craftsmanship in all the outsourcing animation projects undertaken by Mighty Nice.

One of their most notable achievements is their debut short film, “Potapych: The Bear Who Loved Vodka,” which clinched the prestigious BAFTA Scotland Award in 2007. This art-focused masterpiece unfolds as a heartwarming fairy tale with a joyful ending rooted in a true story. A testament to Mighty Nice’s storytelling prowess and dedication to delivering animations that leave a lasting impact, it’s a cinematic gem worth experiencing.

Mighty Nice continues to enchant audiences with its exceptional artistry, making it a standout choice in 2D animation outsourcing for projects that demand nothing but the best in animation craftsmanship.


Sculpting Stories in Animations!

Discover the creative prowess of Musclebeaver, a standout among the top outsourcing 2D animation companies. If you seek a compact yet immensely talented team proficient in animation, motion graphics, and art, Musclebeaver is your destination.

This small but dynamic group comprises the exceptional duo of Andreas Kronbeck and Tobias Knipf. Their collaboration began in 2005 and has birthed a remarkable body of work, gaining recognition at various international festivals.

In a world of expansive teams, Musclebeaver thrives as a testament to the power of artistry and innovation among outsourcing animation companies. Their portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing their dedication to delivering outstanding animations, making them a remarkable choice for those seeking quality in a compact and creative package for outsourcing and animation projects. If you are outsourcing animation and hiring animators, then Musclebeaver is the right choice.

Providing animation services to clients in multiple cities across USA & Canada


Painting Vibrant World in Motion!

Introducing one of the most dynamic 2D motion design video production companies – Wonderlust. This creative powerhouse has mastered the art of captivating audiences with its unique approach to motion design, making it a standout choice among the top animation outsourcing.

Their hallmark is the infusion of dynamic motion, characterized by unmistakable colors and elegant simplicity, setting a benchmark for American animation outsourcing. Wonderlust’s material is a visual delight, swiftly mesmerizing viewers and leaving a lasting impression. If you aspire to embark on a vibrant creative journey with your 2D animation projects outsourcing, Wonderlust is the perfect partner to bring your visions to life.

“The Chill” is one of their exceptional creations, which serves as a testament to their talent in crafting fluid animations and their penchant for a vibrant color palette. When considering your options among outsourcing animation production companies, Wonderlust shines as a brilliant candidate ready to infuse creativity and dynamism into your projects.

Odd Bleat

Oddly Satisfying Animations for Everyone!

Odd Bleat, an illustrious animation and motion design 2D company headquartered in Greece, proudly earns its place among the top 10 2D companies. Renowned for their award-winning work, Odd Bleat has been weaving tales rich in depth and imagination since 2015, making them a standout choice in the animation industry.

Their clientele hails from across the globe, a testament to the universal appeal of their artistry. Odd Bleat’s work resonates far and wide, from Canada to Greece, New Zealand to England, and Lebanon to the Americas. While their portfolio predominantly features commercial videos, a hidden treasure trove of remarkable GIFs awaits exploration on their website, showcasing their expertise in outsourcing gif animation.

Odd Bleat’s creative prowess is marked by their ability to breathe life into stories, captivating audiences with their unique narrative approach to outsourcing in animation. Their dedication to delivering exceptional animations places them firmly among the top companies, making them a valuable partner for those seeking depth, imagination, and international acclaim in their animation projects.

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