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The Simple Math Behind Creating 2D Animation

Despite the growing popularity of 3D animation, 2D animation continues to thrive in various media. Not only is it used in anime and games, but it’s also used in educational videos and other forms of content. The versatility of 2D animation allows for the creation of a wide range of styles, from simple and cartoony to more complex and realistic, making it an excellent medium for creativity and artistic expression.


2D animation has proven to be an effective means of delivering information in an engaging way. Whether it’s explainer videos or infographics, the skillful work of 2D animators brings ideas to life through captivating storytelling. Producing a 2D animation can be a fulfilling and imaginative endeavor; however, it requires careful planning and budgeting. Various factors involved in the production must be considered, and the cost calculated before embarking on a 2D animation project.

How Much Does 2D Animation Cost?

Understanding the cost of creating a 2D animation is essential for any individual or organization undertaking such a project. From the expenses associated with concept development and storyboarding to the costs of animating and post-production, accurately calculating the cost is crucial for ensuring that the project remains within budget and is completed successfully. In this article, we will explore some basic price ranges and the factors contributing to the cost of producing a 2D animation.

Price of 2D Digital Animation?

Factors Affecting Cost of 2D Digital Animation

Several factors come into play that affects the ultimate cost of your animation project. Let’s examine them in detail:


Duration and Deadlines


Regarding the cost of 2D animation service, timing is everything! So, if you plan on getting an estimate for a cartoon or video project, factor in the deadline and production turnaround time into the overall budget. If a studio is quoting a one-time fee based on length of a single animation job, they may not include additional costs like delivery time or overtime – which could result in steeper rates than you may think! 


Moreover, animation projects are usually charged per second, meaning longer videos will cost more than the shorter ones.


Assets Required for the Project


As with any production, the final cost of a 2D animated video will depend on the project’s complexity. The complexity can be determined by the animation style, number of backgrounds, and other assets involved in the video or by the number of scripts required to be written for each character. A storyboard is an effective tool for assessing this complexity and can significantly determine if your budget is sufficient for such an endeavor.

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Character Count


The cost of 2D animation service depends on the complexity of the character being animated and its size. Some characters may be simpler and easier to animate, while others can be more complicated and require more time to create and rig. The larger the number of characters, the more professional effort is required, making the project costlier. 


Skilled Resources


The ultimate cost of digital 2D animation also varies depending on the team you assemble for the project. Generally speaking, the more experienced your team is, the higher their wages will be. For example, a small project may only require one or two animators, for which basic cost wouldn’t be much. However, expenses can quickly add up when it comes to large productions with many employees involved in various aspects of production – such as voice talent, background artists and so forth.

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Additional Cost for Revisions


While most studios include some revisions in the project cost, requests for changes beyond crucial stages of the project are likely to result in additional charges. For instance, requesting modifications after scripting and voice-over work has been completed will raise the overall cost of your 2D animated video. It’s best to ensure you are satisfied with the script before proceeding with voice-over work and character concepts. Once production begins, any alterations you make will make your project a little more expensive. 


Price of 2D animation?

Estimated Price Range for 2D Digital Animation


A single 2D animated film can range from as little as $200 to tens of thousands of dollars. This mostly depends on the style of animation being used, the artists’ expertise level, and the finished product’s overall quality. For this reason, it isn’t easy to nail down an average cost for 2D animation services. However, the following are a few estimated price ranges depending on the kind of 2D animated video produced. 


Animated Promotional Clip


The cost of 2D animation can vary greatly depending on the project’s scope. For promotional clips, such as those seen in advertisements and social media, the typical cost range is $5K-$50K. This level includes basic animations that can be brought into play with stock elements instead of fully detailed characters.

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Animated Games


2D animation is an art form that adds so much to a game experience. It can be used as a storytelling technique or to enhance the user interface with lively animations. 2D games generally cost between $20K and $100K. 


2D Animated Movie


Animated movies can cost anywhere from $100M to $200M. The animation process requires many resources, including labor and equipment. Most animated films run at 24 frames per second (fps) so you can see why this business is so expensive. 


For example, producing Toy Story 4 (2019) cost a reported $200 million. 


Animated TV Cartoon


TV animation is a very expensive production. The main reason for such high costs is the high quality of animation and the large amount of footage needed to create even a short cartoon episode. Some TV cartoons have long runs and require hundreds of drawings per episode, making their production cost even higher than an animated feature film or TV series.

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